These are our services .

Insolvency Law

Requests for involuntary and voluntary bankruptcy, creditors claims, restructuring of liabilities, negotiations with banks, insolvency administration, rescissory actions, qualifications etc.

Corporate Law

Corporate legal advice, company creation, amendment of bylaws, corporate agreements, capital increases and reductions, mergers, board meetings, challenges relating to corporate agreements, corporate restructuring (companies, groups etc.).

Intellectual Property Law

Copyrights, image rights, the public use of these rights, contracts, compensation payments, claims etc.

Competition Law

This law aims to ensure that there is fair competition in the marketplace. This can involve compliance with certain administrative requirements and we can advise on how to comply with the relevant agencies concerned. It also allows contracts signed by dominant operators in the market to be challenged and allows subsequent compensation claims.

Unfair Competition Law

This law seeks to prevent unfair market practices, such as acts of denigration or confusion, by requesting before the Courts that such practices are halted and a claim for compensation and damages is made.

Maritime Law

This oversees the purchase and sale of boats/ships as well as ensuring compliance with all the necessary obligations to legally purchase a boat/ship and the relevant tax obligations.




This is the so-called Law of Succession (or Inheritance) and includes wills, divisions and acceptances of inheritances, settlements and disputes, considered from the point of view of the heir, forced heir, donee etc.

Family Law

Separation, divorce, matrimonial settlements, adoptions, guardianships and conservatorships.

Construction Law

Contracts with developers, builders, contractors, subcontractors, labourers, construction defects, financial claims and permits.

Commonhold Law (Horizontal Property Rights)

Everything related to Residents´ Associations. For example, the setting up of a Residents´ Association, Administration Advice, Claims for payment from debtors, decisions on who is responsible for any payment or damage.

Procurement Law

All types of contracts, their creation and drafting, revision, complaints regarding breach of contract/agreement and their resolution, enforcement of contracts/agreements.

Tort Law

Contractual civil liability related to all types of contract and non contractual civil liability (for example: as a result of falls, road traffic accidents, damage caused by other entities, defective products, accidents, travel), the Right of Personal Portrayal.

Traffic Accidents

Criminal and civil liability resulting from a traffic accident.

Consumer Rights

Claims against banks, manufacturers and distributors, travel agencies, tour operators, hotels etc.


Legal advice regarding signing a mortgage contract, the annulment of clauses within the mortgage contract, as well as the execution, renewal and termination of the contract.

Credit Claims

Claims for non-payment.

Right to Protection of Honour and Self Image

Data Protection



The buying and selling of property

Verification of the legal status of the property, negotiation and preparation of contracts for the buying and selling of property, option to purchase agreements and purchase deposits.

Lease and Transfer contracts

Foreign Investments

Natural or legal persons without Spanish nationality need to comply with additional obligations and may be liable for special tax conditions. We are specialists in this field.

Creation or cancellation of mortgages and other types of charges (easements, allods etc.)

Association and division of properties, building permits

Claims for breach of any of the aforementioned contracts



Taxation of Family Business

Advice relating to the management of family business from a tax perspective. Advice regarding the restructuring of family business in order to facilitate the succession to future generations.

Wealth Management

Advice to effectively manage an individual´s personal wealth from a tax point of view, analysis of financial products, taxation related to married couples and estate planning relating to individuals.

Corporate Reorganizations and Transfer of Business

Tax advice relating to corporate reorganizations including mergers, spin-offs, exchange of shares, contribution of business units or in-kind contribution, as well as advice on the sale and purchase of companies and on the restructuring of business.

Real Estate Taxation

Tax advice in connection with the sale and purchase of property, either for private use, or devoted to an economic activity (hotels, renewable energy installations, etc.)

International Taxation

Advice for Spanish tax individuals wishing to invest abroad as well as for foreign investors seeking to invest in Spain. Analysis of tax residency issues.

Tax Proceedings and tax litigation

Assisting the client in tax audits and in any tax proceeding before the tax authorities or the Administrative Courts that may arise. Reply to administrative request. Legal defence in criminal proceedings.

Employment Income Taxation

Advice relating to the remuneration of employees and managers and of impats and expats.

Taxation on yachts

Advice regarding the sale and purchase of yachts.

Specialized Lawyers


Economic and Financial Crime

Fraud, concealment of assets, misappropriation, corporate crimes, tax offences and money laundering.

Offences against the Person

Assault, sexual offences

Crimes against Freedom

Threats, coercion, unlawful detention.

Crimes against Property

Burglary and theft, damage and extortion.

Crimes related to Public Administration

Bribery, perversion of justice, influence peddling.

Crimes against honour

Defamation and slander.



Filling of all cases before the Administrative Courts

Urban Planning

Study of potential urban building projects, urban planning negotiations, industrial estates, units of action, challenges, management and compensation boards.


We can obtain all the necessary licenses and contest both the granting and denying of them.


We can file complaints concerning administrative breaches (urban planning, tourism regulations, environmental regulations) and contest sanctions.



Employment Advice and Consultancy

The drawing up of Contracts (including those for Senior Management), extensions, registration with the Unemployment Office (SOIB). Administration of Wage Slips and Contract Settlements, Preparation of Social Security Payments, TA1 and TA2. Affiliation, termination and change of personal details to companies and personnel. Yearly distribution of the Work Calendar. Tax deduction certificates. The processing of work related accident and sickness reports. Preparation of tax returns, models 111 and 190. Restructuring and Redundancy Plans. Workplace Inspections. Proceedings before the Social Courts.

Social Security Entitlements

We represent both companies and employees in carrying out all types of Social Security procedures. Prior Claims before the Social Security Treasury (Tesorería General de la Seguridad Social) and the National Institute for Social Security (Instituto Nacional de la Seguridad Social), Retirements/Pensions, Disability, Applications for medical cards.

Advice to Employees

Proceedings before the Social Courts, dismissals, major changes to working conditions, claims for non-payment, holidays, pensions, disabilities, trade union rights, infringements of employees rights and other areas.

Affiliation, termination and change of personal information for self-employed workers

Affiliation, termination and changes of personal information to the head of household and domestic workers



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